Like many a Corsican village near the sea, Calinzana hides behind low mountains and thus was protected from invading Saracens. Though the plain was used for grazing, the position was and is cooler than being at the seas's edge. The land is rich and supported a vigorous agriculture - vines, olives, fruits, bees, sheep, goats - that is now re-invigorated after years of decline.

Just to idle away a bit of time in the peace of its squares and paved alleys, you'd think you were in another era after the glitz and crowds of Calvi, its yachts and beaches. The village sits on the lower mountain slopes and has a fresher climate than the nearby coast. It is embraced by the mountains and protected from the worst weathers, while having many varied views towards the Bay of Calvi, the Genoese towers of Caldanu and Spano, the mountain villages of Lumio (Laetitia Castas village), Montemaggiore (Don Juans birthplace) and Moncale as well as the Monte Grosso range of mountains.

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