Flaine is an anomaly amongst the world's leading ski resorts. At first glance many dismiss it as a typical, ugly, concrete resort thrown up like so many in the French Alps during the 1960s. Flaine is one of the livelier purpose-built ski resorts. There's a good little bowling complex in one of the resort's indoor mini malls. There's also a small cultural centre containing unusual displays of artwork in keeping with Flaine's heritage. Other indoor facilities include a cinema, swimming pool and fitness centre.

Outdoor options include paragliding, helicopter sightseeing flights, snowshoeing, dog sledding, an ice rink, an ice-driving school and snowmobile tours. Almost completely car free, with a compact centre, affordable restaurants and an extensive nursery ski area, Flaine is a good choice for families. Children from six months old can be cared for in the Petits Loups nursery, then there's ski kindergarten from age three with either the International Ski School or the Ecole de Ski Français.

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