If you fancy having CorsicaΆs beaches and countryside on your doorstep, holidays in Lozari will make you smile. Here, in the south-east of the island, youΆll not only have exquisite beaches to enjoy but summery country trails, enticing auberges and delightful villages too.
But the best thing about Lozari holidays is their rural seclusion. The village is enfolded by lovely vineyards, green fields and olive groves, creating a wonderful sense of rusticity. When youre not daydreaming by the pool, make sure you sample the areas best vintages at the nearby domaines. Otherwise, wander around the village, where little cafes, shops and eateries are perfect for lazy mornings.
If you fancy a day trip, holidays in Lozari let you enjoy CorsicaΆs stunning Palombaggia and St. Guilia - two beautiful nearby sandy beaches washed by luminescent seas. And for something more active, explore picturesque, cliff-perched Bonifacio and maybe even catch a boat to the Iles des Lavezzi, floating like gemstones offshore.

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