Holidays to Luciana are about reveling in a natural, ever-changing paradise. This sun-drenched Mediterranean island is chock-full of beauty, from breathtaking mountains and exquisite beaches to sheer cliffs and maquis-scented hillsides. Add chic harbour ports, sun-baked Roman ruins, colourful street markets and medieval villages and the combination is truly special.
The upshot is that holidays to Luciana can be whatever you want them to be. If you are longing for a beach holiday, youve got it in shores of gorgeous white sands, secret coves and luminous turquoise seas. This island is where visitors come to polish their tans in a blissful bay.
Whatever you want to do here, lounge in the sun or experience the breath-stopping landscapes and coastline bit by bit. Whether its superb self-catering villas or indulgent summer forays to chic hotels, there is every option under the sun.

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