Montchavin is one of the few pretty faces in the vast, but rather dreary purpose-built ski area known as La Plagne. On the outer periphery of the network, it is an old farming village, which retains a rustic appeal – unlike the rather ugly high-rise apartment blocks which dominate the nerve centre of La Plagne. Like its neighbour Les Coches and two other outlying villages, Plagne Montalbert and Champagny, Montchavin appeals to skiers who want the best of both worlds – staying at an attractive village while still having access to a magnificent ski area.

The village has a couple of small supermarkets, a tabac and several other shops including a pharmacy. Montchavin rarely has any queues for the ski lifts out of the village there are sometimes bottlenecks to get further up the mountain. There is a telecabine that gives access to les Coches and on up to the higher nursery slopes.

Nightlife is limited but seems to revolve around the la Taverne bar and l'Oxygene nightclub.

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