La Pared

On Fuerteventura’s south western coast, the small town of La Pared can be found. The volcanic islands that are iconic to the Canary Islands border the town, and in this area they are filled with natural caverns containing fresh water. These high vantage points allow you to see some fantastic panoramic views that will blow you away. Similarly amazing views of the coast can also be found at the Bahia Mar restaurant, which, in addition to its fantastic terrace and great food, has a swimming pool with a water slide.

Within the town of La Pared there’s plenty more great places to enjoy a meal and a drink, as well as a golf practise course. The beach is easily accessible and is a great place to relax by day or even as the sun sets, with beautiful settings and crystal clear waters. To feel really at one with nature, you might even want to consider trying some horse riding around the mountainous terrain with the local horse riding school.

The resort of La Pared is 66km away from Fuerteventura Airport, which will feel like nothing at all once you’re whisked along in one of hoppa’s quick and efficient La Pared transfers. Be sure to book a transfer with us today to save yourself some money on your trip to Spain.

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