Found nestled on the north west coast of Tenerife, Orotava offers a relaxing and luxury experience, ideal for a holiday in the stunning Canary Islands. Here you’ll find huge villas and pretty quiet streets just waiting to be explored. There’s plenty of history and culture to discover, as well as delicious cuisine and, of course, plenty of opportunities to simply relax and unwind.

There are fertile lands surrounding the village of Orotava, perfect for producing the delicious local produce which go into the traditional Spanish dishes you’ll find served in the many restaurants. Served by friendly locals and with plenty of opportunities to dine al fresco you can simply watch the world go by as you indulge with some of this delicious fare.

The main attraction of Orotava is its fantastic, ornate architecture. Don’t forget your camera as you wander through the sunny, beautiful streets and simply soak in the best of Spanish culture. Alternatively, head to the hills and explore the surrounding region with some hiking, biking or even horse riding.

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