Santa Cruz De La Palma

Santa Cruz de la Palma is the main port on La Palma, the quietest of the Canary Islands, belonging to Spain. Oozing with charm, this small city is quaint beyond belief. The formal, ancient buildings are in contrast to the narrow lanes. At times rather steep, these cobbled streets are lined with fascinating, ornate balconies ideal for those wanting to explore the history and culture of the region. Here there are peepholes used to spot pirates in days gone, with the profusion of bright, pretty colours giving the town a welcoming Caribbean feel.

Cruise passengers can experience this gem of the Canary Islands with a walk from the harbour to the town. The interesting, covered market offers raw sugar cane and exotic, local fruits with the freshest fruit cocktails also on offer here. Those lucky enough to be holidaying in Santa Cruz de la Palma can take a walk to Los Cancajos beach with its black sand beaches, rocky coves and headlands. Here you will find many holiday activities to contrast with the unspoilt nature you will find in the majority of the island.

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