Tijarafe is a delightful location for a relaxing holiday in La Palma in the Canary Islands of Spain. Many homes of this rural population are strewn across the steep, mountainous terrain, built into caves and recesses in the volcanic rock. As the steepest island in the World, the inhabitants have to be innovative, and this is evident in their fantastic achievements in agriculture evident all around.

There are spectacular landscapes all over the island, but the National Park of Caldera de Taburiente is within easy reach of Tijarafe and offers the most stunning views.  You will be awestruck by the scenery as you travel the tiny hairpin roads by car, or the forests by horse, bike or on foot. Also nearby is La Vita Beach, a small but beautiful stretch of sand, which is also used by the locals. Its difficult access may drive you to find the plenty of others around the island and you’ll find diving, paragliding, boating and plenty of other activities all available here. With its accent on nature, and its theme parks dedicated to animal and exotic plant observation and conservation, La Palma is a haven for nature lovers.

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