Holetown, West Coast

Forget the unpromising name, Holetown (the name comes from a narrow local sea passage) is a sparkling place, set on the treasured west coast of Barbados. Its long history holds a new chapter as a tourist playground, popular with the rich and famous. 
When the British first arrived here, they named the place Jamestown after King James, in whose name the island was claimed for the Empire. Barbados has kept strong ties with the UK, and is often referred to as a Little England, because of its cricket grounds and Anglican churches. They still celebrate those first landings in a small festival every February, a monument in the town marks the spot, and the local church (though rebuilt many times because of hurricanes) is one of the oldest buildings on the island. 
These days foreign arrivals are likely to visit by cruise ship or luxury yacht, and they come to Holetown for its beachside restaurants and duty free shopping. 
First Street and Second Streets constitute the heart of the town and are the places to head for a good night out. It’s also the home of one of the island’s best clubs, Red Door Lounge. 
Shoppers head to the Limegrove Mall to stock up on big brand goods or relax in a high-quality cinema. There’s a Chattel Village in the town itself with authentic souvenirs and a genuine Bajan shopping experience. 
Of course, it wouldn’t be Barbados without beaches and Holetown has one of the best, complete with warm green waters. The west coast majors on calmer seas, so you might need the power of an engine to enjoy your water sports thrills, though there are surfing spots nearby. 
Folkestone Marine Park is a popular local family attraction. It might look an incredibly natural place, but the shore is protected by an artificial reef created by sinking a ship off shore. That wreck is one of the attractions that bring scuba trips and experienced divers to the bay – it’s certainly not safe for beginners! The protected environment here means a rich sea life for divers to enjoy and the extra calm waters attract both kayakers and paddle boarders. 
The wildlife onshore is also worth an encounter, and numerous tour companies will help you venture into the jungle and come face to face with the monkeys and parrots that are such an iconic feature of the West Indian islands. 


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