Saint James

The parish of Saint James (St. James) is an area located in the western part of the country of Barbados. Increasingly St. James is being known as the playground of the rich and famous, haven for sun-starved tourists.
In local colloquium, St. James was known as the Gold Coast, but due to ongoing popularity it is now referred to as the Platinum Coast, reflective of the parishes many glitzy beach-front mansions, pristine beaches, luxury hotels and consistently high land prices. Many Barbadians say within the Platinum Coast there are as many as, 18 global billionaires own property somewhere within a 6-mile stretch of beach on the island.
The parish also has great historic significance, as it was here that the first British settlers landed in 1625. Under the authority of King James, the British claimed Barbados upon landing in St. James present-day city of Holetown (formerly Jamestown, named after the King himself), this settlement turned Barbados into what would later be known as Little England.
Noted for its shopping and restaurants, St. James is central to Barbados bustling tourist industry, with historical attractions including the St. James Parish Church and the Portvale Sugar Factory - one of the few operational sugar factories on the island.
Though a haven for tourists and foreign expatriates, St. James is far from exclusive. As one of the bigger parishes, it is home to over 20,000 nationals strewn across its many districts, across various social strata. The parish is home to the prestigious Queens College, one of the foremost schools not only in Barbados, but the Caribbean, founded over a century ago by a British plantation owner by the name of Col. Henry Drax. At its most rural, the parishs many villages (such as the seafront Fitts Village) are abuzz with activity, near-familial camaraderie, and an active social atmosphere.

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