Saint Peter

The Parish of Saint Peter (St. Peter) is one of eleven parishes in the Caribbean island country of Barbados. It is named after the Christian Apostle and patron saint, Saint Peter. It is located in the north of Barbados, and is the only parish besides Saint Lucy that extends from the east coast to the west. The Barbados Platinum Coast, which extends through Saint Peter from the parish of Saint James just to the south, has helped to make Saint Peter a tourist hot spot. The parish is surrounded with white sand beaches, including those along Mullins Bay. Its topography includes rolling hills and terraces, some of which are still covered by sugar cane, which was the islands chief cash crop during its colonial period. Within Saint Peter are also large tourist sites such as the Port St. Charles marina (the only marina in Barbados) and the Almond Beach Village. Other lavish resorts include Schooner Bay, Mount Brevitor, Suga Suga, and Black Bess, the first banyan tree resort in the Caribbean region.
Attractions: Farley Hill National Park; Barbados Wildlife Reserve; St. Nicholas Abbey (one of the more famous landmarks on Barbados)

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