Saint Philip

The parish of Saint Philip is a parish of Barbados at the southeastern end of the island.
The coastline is a delightful place to walk. Spectacular coastal views, stunning scenery and an array of exotic animals make walking the coastal paths an absolute delight, and it makes a great way to prepare for an evening of sampling the incredibly delicious local cuisine and ice cold rum punch which Barbados is famous for.
St. Philip does not have a ΆtrueΆ city as some other parishes but rather areas and villages. Six Cross Roads is the largest area by virtue of both commercial and residential population and is the central hub for the parish.

St Philip is not a great destination for young families hoping to bathe and swim. The strong waves which pound this tip of St Philip attract experienced surfers from all over the world to take a rental apartment in St Philip, as the surfing is certainly the best in Barbados, and not for the feint hearted.

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