Planned with an architectΆs talent (noted Caribbean architect Ian Morrison designed it) and a landscape artistΆs flare, Windjammer Landing is a true resort with fun and activities, privacy (you add the romance) and the look and feel of an exotic village.

At Windjammer Landing you are ensconced on 60 lush and flowering acres, right on a magnificent crescent-shaped private beach. There are 248 rooms located in spacious, quiet villas.

Each villa and cluster of rooms is secluded from its neighbors by tall trees and flowering bushes. Brick paths wander through the 60 acres of magnificent landscaping, with scented gardens, sparkling pools and waterfalls, covered walkways, pickled wood and hand-painted tiles.

In this village resort, there is everything to keep you going day and night if you choose or many quiet places to simply do nothing but put your feet up, relax and take in the sheer physical beauty of your surroundings.

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