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One platform, connecting you with all ground transportation globally


hoppaGo's market leading and propriety technology solutions are available as Online Trade Accounts, White Label and API integrations , all designed around the business need and use.

hoppaGo is a trading brand of Resorthoppa UK Ltd, a privately-owned travel platform business, operating proprietary technology.

Simplicity, flexibility, reliability

HoppaGo offers simplicity, flexibility, reliability and value through one platform, supported by excellent service, connecting you with all your ground transportation solutions globally.


Flexible integration to suit your business infrastructure & needs with automated account reporting built from proprietary technology

API Integration

A direct integration offering a simple and flexible way to share structured data, allowing multiple search enquiries at speed and volume. The hoppaGo tech team will support your integration to ensure a smooth connection and user experience.


Use the hoppaGo technology and systems with your own branding without the need for investment in additional technology and infrastructure. Created by the hoppaGo design team according to your brand guidelines.

Online Trade Account

For speed of delivery, an online trade account can be provided to access the hoppaGo platform, allowing immediate use of hoppaGo services. Online trade accounts can be provided as a long-term solution or as a temporary solution while the API or White Label solutions are created.

Vehicle Type

Selection of the vehicle type offers greater personalisation of the transfer service. A variety of vehicles types are available to suit the demands of the traveller including shared or private, minibus, coach or standard, executive or luxury car to name a few types.

Point to Point

hoppaGo suppliers now offer an anywhere pick up and anywhere destination drop off including transfers from airport or port to city, or perhaps to excursions, theme parks, golf course or simply to transport the customer to a restaurant or theatre.

Global Coverage

hoppaGo contracts with thousands of the best ground transportation specialists across hundreds of countries worldwide to provide access to the best and most appropriate ground transport services.

Service Support

hoppaGo has experienced and dedicated teams to support you with any queries that occur pre-travel, in-destination and post-travel. hoppaGo ensures that the customer has all the information they require for their journey with full supplier and journey details provided by email and SMS messages.

Supplier Quality

Suppliers are vetted by hoppaGo with their service being monitored and measured on an ongoing basis to ensure quality is delivered. All suppliers provide full insurance details to hoppaGo and are required to comply by the laws and regulations of the markets in which they operate.

Supplier Service Score

hoppaGo offers greater visibility of the supplier services on offer by displaying the supplier’s Trustpilot score - an independent service score calculated from real customer feedback. The hoppaGo service score also highlights the range of feedback received directly from hoppaGo customers.


HoppaGo delivers tangible value and enhances your existing offer and is proven to support revenue growth in an increasingly fragmented and competitive marketplace.

Through using the hoppaGo platform agents report an increased and diversified revenue stream plus recognise the value of outsourcing ground transport services to hoppaGo. The hoppaGo offer allows for the adoption of technology whilst maintaining the human touch and the personalisation of customer experiences.

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