Arrive happy with Madrid rides & airport transfers.

Heading to the Spanish capital soon? If you still need to book your transfers from Madrid Airport, allow hoppa to take you to your accommodation in this stunning city. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, you’re sure of a smooth journey to your hotel or holiday villa when you travel with us.

We can take you back to the airport at the end of your trip too. Book your return transfers now so that every detail of your Madrid stay is covered.

Booking your Madrid Airport transfers

Enter the details about your Madrid visit in the search bar at the top of this page. We’ll then give you a choice of shuttle buses and private vehicles that are available for your trip. The type of transport you choose will depend on what you need for your journey.

Private transport or shuttle bus?

To choose how you get to your accommodation, here’s a quick-look guide:

Private vehicles

  • You will meet your driver at the scheduled pick-up time listed on the e-ticket
  • You and the rest of your group will be the only passengers
  • There are no drop-off points along the way, and you will be taken directly to your accommodation

Shuttle buses

  • You and the rest of your group will share the journey with other passengers
  • There could be a waiting time of up to 45 minutes before you leave the airport to allow your fellow passengers to arrive into Madrid on different flights to your own
  • The bus stops at set drop-off points and your stop will be on the route

How much do Madrid transfers cost?

When you are presented with the selection of transport that’s available for your trip, you will see prices listed next to each option. This is what you’ll pay if you book that day, but as these prices are live valuations based on fluctuating currency rates, they can change from day to day.

If you start looking for your transfers to Madrid Airport and go back to your search on a different day, the prices may have changed between your first and second search.   

I’ve chosen my transport

When you know how you want to travel to your accommodation, you’ll arrive at the ‘Extras’ page, which features the ‘Anything we can help with?’ box. Here, you can tell us about what you need for your transfer.

If you will have extra luggage or someone in your party will have a motorised wheelchair, for example, this is information that should be included in this box. We’ll then match the vehicle to these details.

How much luggage am I allowed?

One suitcase and one piece of hand luggage is allowed per person, whether you are travelling by shuttle or private vehicle. However, we understand that sometimes you might need to bring extra items with you, so when you book you will need to make sure you choose a vehicle that can accommodate your additional bags. Remember to tell us in the ‘Anything we can help with?’ box, too.

The e-ticket

Once you’ve booked your Madrid Airport transfers with us, you’ll receive an e-ticket. This is an important document that features key information about your transfers, so read through it before you set off for Spain.

We suggest you print it before you fly too. Your driver will ask to see it as proof of your booking, both for your inbound and outbound transfers, so having it in your hand makes the pick-up process quick and easy.

I’ve landed in Madrid – where do I need to go?

When you get to Madrid Airport, you’ll need to follow the instructions in the ‘Find my pick-up’ part of your e-ticket listed in the ‘Journey 1’ section.

Joining directions can depend on the transport provider and the type of transport you have selected. For example, some directions depend on whether you arrive at Madrid’s Terminal 1, 2 or 4 and have different meeting points for each. Others instruct passengers to head to the arrivals hall and look for the travel representative holding a board displaying ‘hoppa’ and the travel provider’s name.

If there is no information listed in the ‘Find my pick-up’ section, call the number on your e-ticket to find out where you need to go.

I can’t find my driver

If you can’t see your driver when you reach your pick-up point, call the emergency number on your e-ticket. We’ll find out where your driver is and let you know how long they’ll be.

My flight’s delayed

We’ve created a system to allow for slight delays. Whether your bags are taking a while to be unloaded from the plane or your flight’s delayed getting into Madrid, your driver will wait for you for up to 45 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time.

As soon as you think you might not make your scheduled collection time, even if it falls within these 45 minutes, let us know by calling the number on your e-ticket. This is so we can start to make alternative arrangements if we need to.

Delays of over 45 minutes mean that we will send a different driver to you. For delays that run over three hours, you’ll have to rearrange your Madrid Airport transfers with us. 

What will I find at Madrid Airport?

With its stunning sites and beautiful architecture, Madrid is a truly magnificent city. The Spanish capital is packed with artistic masterpieces, decadent eateries and cultural attractions, making it a wonderful choice for a leisurely stay or a business break.

Madrid–Barajas Airport is the second-largest airport in Europe and is also Europe’s sixth busiest, serving a whopping 58 million passengers in 2018. With so many people flying in each year, it’s perhaps unsurprising that taxi queues at Madrid Airport can be long. Luckily, you can avoid these and head straight to your transfers when you book with hoppa.

There’s plenty to do for those waiting for their flight, too. You can grab a bite to eat at one of the many cafés and restaurants and do a spot of shopping in one of the stores selling everything from traditional Spanish delicacies to clothing and electricals.

Madrid Airport transfer times

If you’re planning your journey before you arrive in Spain, here’s a helpful list of transfer times to some of the most popular drop-off points near Madrid Airport. These are a rough guide, however, as Madrid traffic can be heavy at times, so it’s worth taking this into account.  




30 mins

The Westin Palace, Plaza de las Cortes, Madrid, Spain

25 mins


30 mins

Lilly, Avenida de la Industria, Alcobendas, Spain

15 mins

Hotel Atlántico Madrid, Calle Gran Vía, Madrid, Spain

20 mins

Apartamento Huertas, Madrid, Spain

25 mins

Aspasios San Mateo Boutique Apartments, Calle de San Mateo, Madrid, Spain

25 mins

Hotel City House Florida Norte, Paseo de la Florida, Madrid, Spain

35 mins


Getting home

Do you have return transfers from Madrid Airport booked with us? If so, you will need to know where to meet your driver. This differs depending on your chosen mode of transport:

Passengers travelling by private vehicle

  • You will be collected from your accommodation at the time listed on your e-ticket
  • We’ll send you a reminder text about your pick-up time if you’ve opted to receive SMS messages from us
  • Make sure you’re ready 15 minutes before your pick-up time and have your e-ticket to show to the driver

Passengers travelling by shuttle bus

  • You can check your pick-up information online 24 hours before your flight
  • We’ll also text you 24 hours before your flight if you agree to receive SMS messages from us when you book your transfers
  • We recommend you be at the pick-up point 10 minutes before your bus arrives and have your e-ticket ready for inspection

Can’t see your driver? Call the number on your e-ticket to find out where they are.