The tiny island nation of Bahrain is fast becoming a favourite holiday destination in the Middle East due to its expansive developments to attract tourists. Bahrain offers an exciting blend of rich local culture, world-class shopping and luxury resorts. The country also has the added allure of being fairly relaxed, safe and home to friendly locals. The dazzling capital city of Manama is where you will realize that Bahrain is as cosmopolitan and vibrant as any European city. There is a culture of shopping, eating and drinking late into the night, probably to beat the scorching daytime temperatures. Manama also hosts an extraordinary variety of entertainment options to enjoy, from travelling theatre productions to international ballet troupes. During the day you can escape the heat by spending hours exploring the Bahrain National Museum. This exceptional museum houses artefacts dating back thousands of years to the ancient civilization of Dilum, as well as installations that feature contemporary Bahraini culture, art and sculpture. The Al-Faith Mosque is a stunning example of Islamic architecture and definitely worth a visit. Hire a knowledgeable guide and tour through this incredible and intricate holy place to learn about the extensive building process as well as the pillars of the Islamic faith.

The multi-million dollar Al-Alreen resort is a recent addition to Bahrain’s desert landscape. The 5-star resort features an attractive nature reserve as well as a first-class spa, but the undeniable stat of the resort is the impressive Lost Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark. It is the largest freestanding water park in the Middle East. There are several other wide-scale developments underway in Bahrain to give Dubai some competition in the Persian Gulf.

If you want to escape the more commercialized areas and discover the ‘real’ Bahrain then take a trip to Muharraq Island. Spend an afternoon strolling through the old town and fort. The winding streets are quiet but give you an inevitably more authentic picture of everyday Bahraini life.

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