Since the end of the Soviet era in Eastern Europe the Czech Republic, and in particular the Czech capital Prague, has become one of the major tourist destinations in Europe.

The Czech Republic enjoys remarkable popularity among tourists from all over the world. Thanks to its position in the very heart of the continent as well as its rich cultural and natural heritage, it has become a sought-after destination.

The Czech Republic is an ideal holiday country for active holiday, where you can relax as well as improve your physical condition. In case you decide for relaxation, you have a choice of various wellness offers. Lovers of “adrenaline” sports will be pleased by wide possibilities of bungee jumping.

The Czech Republic has a temperate, continental climate with relatively hot summers and cold, cloudy winters, usually with snow. Most rains are during the summer.

The Northern parts of Czech have resorts for skiing and hiking in parts of the Sudeten Mountain Range, and in Southern Bohemia are several resorts that offer many hiking and cross-country skiing possibilities.

The Czech countryside offers a pleasant combination of mountains, water, meadows and forests. The seasonal changes of weather create a unique environment for various leisure activities, relaxation, sports and agricultural activities, without placing a burden on the environment.

The Czech lands boast an extraordinarily high number of cultural monuments. Over 2000 preserved castles and chateaux represent an important part of the national cultural heritage.

There are numerous mineral springs on the Czech territories which have been used for medicinal purposes since the early 15th century. Located in the picturesque natural landscapes, Czech Spa towns are attractive for both their urbanite layout and their unique spa architecture.

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