Alexandroupolis Intl. Airport (AXD)

Situated close to the ancient city of Olympos, Andrasan is a stunning, tranquil Turkish town. Treat yourself to a holiday in this idyllic destination if you’re in need of a truly relaxing exotic excursion. The mighty Duden River rolls through the town and meets the sea at the northern end of Andrasan beach where a beautiful sandy cove is formed, making for some of the most stunning views in Turkey. Every part of Andrasan is worthy of sightseeing and exploring, from the rocky outskirts to the beautiful beach.

Andrasan beach is a 2 km stretch of soft golden sand, with incredible views of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. In this picturesque bay you’ll find a wide range of fun activities to try out. The calm, warm waters are perfect for boat trips, which are a great way to unwind and enjoy the views of Turkey’s southern coast. Below the surface, there is a rich abundance of exotic marine life and colourful reefs, which make Andrasan particularly popular with keen scuba divers and anglers.

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