Molivos (Eftalou)

Molivos: The town is situated on a small mountain topped by a dramatic medieval castle, built by the Byzantines and renovated by the Gattelusis. There are still ancient ruins scattered around the town including impressive polygonal walls and a few giant holes.

The town of Molivos itself is built of stone houses and shops which surround the castle and follow the coast to one of the most beautiful harbors in Greece.

There is certainly a lot of tourist activity, one of the things I like about Molivos is that the tourists are interesting.

The most unfortunate aspect of this part of Molivos is the fact that during the summer and particularly on weekends there is so much motorbike traffic that it sounds like you are living next to the Indianapolis motor-speedway.

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Here's the highest rated local restaurants and eateries in the area, as kindly recommended by TripAdvisor.

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Lesvos (Mytilini Island Intl. Airport) (MJT)
The journey between Molivos (Eftalou) to Lesvos (Mytilini Island Intl. Airport) (MJT) will be approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes
A taxi between Molivos (Eftalou) and Lesvos (Mytilini Island Intl. Airport) (MJT) will cost from US $319.74

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