Many consider Mexico to be the glue that holds South America and North America together. A country where the past blends effortlessly with the present, Mexico packs plenty into its 2 million square kilometres. Ancient jungles, Mayan relics, and mega cities can all be found within the Mexican borders. It doesn’t matter whether you are flying into Cancun Airport, Mexico City Airport or Cozumel Airport, travel smart and book your Mexico transfers in advance with hoppa today.

When you think about Mexico, you will almost immediately think of Cancun. Nicknamed the “Mexican Star”, Cancun is a huge two part resort that provides plenty of modern Mexican flare through its 5 star hotels, along with a long strip of beach that is perfect for lounging on. If you can’t get enough of the beach life, head to Playa del Carmen. A favourite with backpackers, this spotless beach, along with the Playa del Carmen hotels of the area, provides an alternative Mexico experience. And what would a visit to Mexico be without a visit to Mexico City, which is where you will see both the modern and historic side of “Tierra Azteca”, through everything from shopping centres to Mayan relics.

When you travel to Mexico, adventure and relaxation are two things that you are almost guaranteed. Start as you mean to go on when you travel to Mexico by booking affordable Mexico transfers with hoppa today.