In light of the advice given by the UK government on the 9th July 2015 advising against any non-essential travel to the country we are offering customers the opportunity to cancel their bookings for free.

If you have booked with hoppa you will also receive an email or a phone call from us advising that you can cancel for free. To do so please email or call 01483 804803.

A first choice for many tourists seeking a sun-soaked beach holiday Tunisia has unparalleled beaches and an incredible clear blue sea, making it the ideal destination for a romantic getaway. And if you can venture further than your luxury accommodation, beach or spa then there is a whole world of things to see and do. There are ancient historical sites, bustling street souks and incredible seafood delicacies to awaken your senses and transport you back in time.

Most tourists will be heading to the lavish beach resorts of the north or to the paradise island of Djerba and will be landing at Monastir Habib Bourguiba Airport, Enfidha Hammamet Airport or Djerba Airport. Another busy gateway is the Tunis-Carthage Airport, which is used by international visitors to the capital just a few miles away. This chaotic, exciting and captivating city isn’t on most people’s itineraries but there’s no better place to meet the people and immerse yourself in the Tunisian way of life.

Wherever your flight lands make sure hoppa is there ready and waiting to whisk you to your hotel by pre-booking your Tunisia transfers today. Our reliable, low cost service will ensure the journey to and from your hotel goes smoothly. 

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