Travellers will be dumbstruck by Albania’s natural beauty, with features that include the snow-capped peaks of the Albanian Alps and the lush beaches lapped by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Albania has been out of the spotlight for most of the past two decades, but today travellers are discovering a formerly hidden gem. Albania is awesome. After the fall of communism in the early 1990’s it’s taken Albania a long time to catch up to the rest of Eastern Europe. However, the results are well worth the wait. Albania seems to deliver on all fronts. With a surprisingly diverse array of attractions, a modern capital in Tirana, stunning mountain vistas, sun-drenched beaches and remote sites seemingly forgotten by time. It won’t be long until Albania becomes the star of the Balkans, so pack a bag and discover Albania before the rest of the world does!

Tirana International Airport is your gateway to Albania and the thriving capital city Tirana, located just eleven kilometres away. Tirana is a blend of its Ottoman, Italian, and Soviet past. Colourfully painted high-rises, grim communist structures and mosques can share the same block; it’s quite a site. Grand boulevards and a thriving consumer culture remind you that Tirana is a flourishing 21st-century city with all the amenities and modern comforts travellers could want. The only trick here is managing the chaotic traffic and unreliable bus system. Two of the city’s cultural gems are the National History Museums and the National Art Gallery. Both attractions will provide the most thorough education on all that is Albanian.

Other must-see cities are Berat and Gjirokastër, both cities are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites thanks to their respective historical sites.

The Albanian Riviera provides golden sand beaches with glistening azure waters and you might mistake it for the Mediterranean. Emerald pine forests and olive groves sprawl across the landscape while growing seaside towns dot the jagged coastline. Once a haven for international backpackers and quite off the radar for everyone else, the secret of the Albanian Riviera is out. Numerous hotels, restaurants and holiday villas have sprung up and the beaches become quite full during the summer months. Despite the surge in development the Albanian Riviera is still incredibly affordable, and travellers will enjoy sleeping, eating and drinking costs a fraction of what they would pay in Western Europe. Notable towns to visit while you’re there are: Dhërmi, home to the most famous of all the Albanian beaches: Ksamil, which is in close proximity to Greece; and Saranda just north of Ksamil has the beautiful Blue Eye Spring.

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