St Kilda (Victoria)

Located just 6 kilometres from the major city of Melbourne, St Kilda is a beloved seaside resort with sights to behold for both residents and visitors alike. Renowned for its majestically expansive view of Port Phillip, St Kilda has a plethora of activities to enjoy too. Lined with exotic palm trees, the magnificent boardwalk stretch plays host to countless restaurants and bars, a charming arts & craft market on Sundays, as well as heated seawater spas and pools at St Kilda Sea Baths. 
Whilst sauntering along the boardwalk, make sure to catch a glimpse of the coast and ocean too, as you might be able to witness the penguins paddling around at the St Kilda Breakwater. St Kilda Beach is Melbourne’s most famous and it earns that reputation a thousand times over. With a huge bay, breath-taking rocks and welcoming water, the beach in St Kilda is a must-visit for everyone, even if it is just to take a selfie with a penguin. If getting your adrenalin pumping is something you desire then St Kilda has you covered there too with kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing. Alternatively, cycling and skating are the number one choices for residents who elect to keep a little drier. 
Despite being unmistakably Australian in many respects, St Kilda can also feel like a European metropolitan city in places. The best place to witness this contrasting culture is on Acland Street, with bistros, patisseries, designer boutiques, and cafes. With all this culture St Kilda has become known as a paradise for foodies and every preference is catered for down its unique streets. 
Another big attraction within St Kilda is Luna Park; an amusement park with a carnival flair provides the perfect daytrip for any families visiting the area. The park is filled with numerous establishments to find refreshments to ensure that you are well looked after when you find yourself in need of a pit-stop. Luna Park is over a hundred years old and this perhaps proves the most reassuring stamp of approval possible.


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