Make no mistake about it: Western Australia is vast. It’s big enough to get properly lost in and alluring enough to lose your heart in. It occupies the entire western third of Australia yet is largely sparsely populated. Its capital city, Perth, has the distinction of being the world’s most isolated capital. Isolated it may be but a gastronomic desert it most certainly is not, for Perth boasts more restaurants per capita than any other Australian capital city. And its bar scene is just as boast-worthy, whether that be in the grand elegance of a colonial hotel or in the bars secreted away in the charm of the city’s alleyways and lanes.

Away from the city, Western Australia is a state full of Instagram-able moments. You can take your pick of gorges, waterfalls and fiery sunsets or talcum-powder beaches and reefs stuffed with marine life. For surfing lovers there’s wild waves at Margaret River and for the lovers of wine, Western Australia boasts world-class wines and vineyards.

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