Between the Caspian Sea and the Caucus Mountains is Azerbaijan, a country that has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The former Soviet republic has experienced massive upgrades that have swept across all sectors of society, thanks to its wealth of oil reserves. It’s a country that offers visitors everything from gorgeous seaside resorts, rugged hiking trails through the mountains and all the first-class amenities and luxuries of a modern city break.

Nowhere else in Azerbaijan is evolving faster than the capital city of Baku.

Glistening glass skyscrapers, exclusive designer boutiques and world-class dining highlight newfound modernity and a thriving cosmopolitan culture. The shimmering splendour of newness are juxtaposed against brackish Soviet apartment blocks and the medieval walled city, making Baku an eclectic mash of old and new. Like other Eurasian cities, Baku also showcases an intricate blending of progressive European attitudes and tastes with rich eastern traditions, such as Islam. It’s the jumbling of contradictions that make Baku such a unique and fascinating city. The iconic 12th century Maiden’s Tower is the city’s foremost attraction in the old city, and a climb to the top offers fantastic views of the urban sprawl. Also within the old city is the ornate Palace of the Shiryanshahs, which once served as a royal retreat in the 15th century. Spend a leisurely afternoon strolling in the verdant surroundings of Bulyar, a seaside park flush with cafés, fountains and fairground rides for the kids.

Outside the bustling capital the pace of life tends to slow down. The villages and towns that dot the countryside are picturesque reminders of what Azerbaijan looked like not so long ago. The alpine village of Khinalug offers scenic hikes for visitors to nearby caves and waterfalls, while the town of Sheki, located so high in the Caucuses some consider it to be Europe’s highest town, offers beautiful historical sites such as Khan’s Palace and even more mountainous hiking trails.

Two other favourite destinations include: Lake Goygol, the pristine waters, lovely shores and numerous resorts make it a popular holiday spot for locals over the summer months; and the Gobustan National Park, home to numerous mud volcanoes and caves containing prehistoric rock art, Gobustan is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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