If you crave a holiday that feels more like an adventure, then discover the remote and stunning wonders of Bangladesh. The country is becoming a well-established eco-tourism destination as well as a worthy substitute for neighbouring India. Much of Bangladesh’s allure stems from its unique and striking natural attractions and a chance to be a part of the rural and wild landscape.

Some of Bangladesh’s tourist attractions include: archaeological sites such as the Mahasthangarh in Bogra, historical and religious monuments like the Kantaji Hindu Temple, pristine beaches, forests, lush resorts and ample opportunities to fish, hike, water-ski and enjoy other excursions like yachting and kayaking. Take a longboat tour through the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest. This unique environment provides a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife, including the endangered Bengal tiger. If you are a hiking aficionado then you won’t be able to resist hiking to the tallest peaks in the Bundarban district. You will feel like a true explorer as you carve your way through the tropical jungle, discovering breath-taking waterfalls on your way to the top. Savvy travellers know that the Bundarban is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Bangladesh. Another unique experience you may have in Bangladesh is a rural village stay. Spend a few days living and working alongside locals for an eye-opening experience into their humble, hard-working lives.

Bangladesh might not be your first choice for a beach holiday, but seeing as it has one of the world’s longest stretches of uninterrupted beach, maybe it should be. In the Chittagong Division, the beach known as Cox’s Bazar has 125 kilometres of sandy beach with warm waters to bask in. Although its popularity hasn’t reached the world stage yet, Cox’s Bazar is certainly worth a visit. There are dozens of locally owned hotels, restaurants and colourful markets that are eager to serve international tourists.

Experience the best of Bangladesh; from the mangrove forests to the exotic eco-lodges, from the busy capital of Dhaka to the serene rural villages there is beauty beyond every turn.

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