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Sarajevo (the capital city) on the Miljacka River, the largest urban centre and, many years ago, the site of the assasination that sparked WW1. An important industrial and railway center, its industries include food and tobacco processing and furniture manufacturing. Lignite and iron ore are mined nearby. It is noted for its Muslim architecture and its Turkish marketplace, more than 100 mosques with the most important one dating from 1450. It was the site of the 1984 Winter Olympics. Lots of potential – a real all rounder! Lots of museums.

A wonderful new world opening. Come and see for yourself.
The trams are the oldest form of transport and is supplemented by trolley bus. Where the electricity ends the busses take over. A major restructuring is taking place. New bridges and roads, tram upgrades and repaving. The war ended in November 1995 and the rebuild started. All war damages on ski resorts have been repaired.

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