The island nation of Brunei is a synonymous with incredible wealth and extravagance thanks to its massive oil reserves. While most international travellers only think of Brunei as a layover stop, this remarkable country has a great deal to offer visitors.

In a state where alcohol is banned, Brunei citizens devote their free time to fuelling the country’s consumer culture. The capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan, (BSB) is dominated by fine dining establishments and world-class shopping. For a look at pre-oil Brunei, head over to the Kampung Ayer Cultural and Tourism Gallery, a cultural complex on the waterfront that focuses on history, lifestyle and handicrafts. To appreciate the piety and wealth of Brunei, visitors will want to oogle at the Mosque of Masjid Omar Ali Saifuddien. It is an incredibly elaborate mosque built in honour of the Sultan’s late father and tallest building in BSB. The Sultan of Brunei is a man known for having everything, so for people interested in what other heads of state have given him over the years, be sure to visit the Royal Regalia Museum. This treasure trove is chock full of the finest tokens of friendship, including vast amounts of gold and precious jewels.

Not all of Brunei is a glittering metropolis; outside the major cities Brunei offers visitors a more laid-back atmosphere with plenty of natural beauty to behold. Take a tour through the 1000 year-old stilt village of Kampung Ayer, where people prefer to live, work and go to school over the water of the Sungai Brunei. Or take a boat trip out to the island sanctuary of Pulau Selirong. This tiny uninhabited island is home to a mangrove forest, a variety of fauna and the rare proboscis monkeys. The most astonishing natural feature of Brunei is the Ulu Temburong National Park. Although the park is over 500 square kilometres of pristine rainforest, visitors are only allowed to enter an area of one square kilometre. This ensures that the rest may be preserved for future generations. Here you can take a canopy walk high in the treetops, a short jungle walk below and go swimming in the cold mountain waters. The park is a sanctuary to 400 kinds of butterfly and variety of bird and vertebrates species. The most exciting part is that in order to reach the park, you must first take the long boat ride upstream. An adventure in and of itself!

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