The town of Ahtopol has population of about 1,500 people and is situated over a sharply jutted cape 87km southeast of Bourgas. It has two long and beautiful beaches, the second one (further to the north of the town) being used mostly by nudists.

Places of Interest: The Assumption Church and the St. Yani Monastery are interesting sights for tourists. In the afternoon and evenings, romantic visitors enjoy walking to the towns lighthouse and crawling over the nearby rocks next to the quay, beneath which one can see a lot of crabs and fish. Five kilometers south of Ahtopol is the mouth of Veleka River, one of the most beautiful rivers, which flow into the Black Sea, together with Kamchiya and Ropotamo. The mouth of the river is barred by a strip of sand stretching from one shore to the other, where some holidaymakers prefer to sunbathe and take turns in swimming in the river (which traditionally has a much colder water) and the sea. The village of Kosti, famous for its nestinarski dances (barefoot dances on glowing embers) is situated nearby the river mouth. Further south to the border, holidaymakers can sunbathe at the beautiful beaches of Sinemoretz, Silistar and Rezovo.

Accommodation: Prices in Ahtopol are rather low due to the plenty of private lodgings and bungalows outside the downtown. While some of the bungalows fall in the lowest category, others are luxurious family villas, hidden among flowers and trees. Yet the latter class usually has to be booked beforehand. Besides, one of its key assets is the highest number of sunny and hot days during the season. The resort is preferred by young people (with the most dominant group being hard rock and heavy metal fans due to the few specialised rock cafes in the town such as Tsunami and Durvenoto - the latter literally meaning The Wooden One) and Bulgarian families with children and pets for the plenty of low-price accommodation in bungalows and villas.

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