Golden Sands

Golden Sands is 17km north of Varna on the Black Sea coast. Varna and Golden Sands has grown towards one another and together with St Constantine and Elena resort in between the two it is now physically one place. The Varna bus service also serves Golden Sands. It was an old town (4-7th century remains proved it) but has been uninhabited until the 1950s. Development started in 1957. It was privatised in the 1990s and drew major investment and expanded a lot. The planned 13000 beds suddenly became over 30000 with some sources reported unverified 90000 beds. Situated next to a nature reserve of 1320,7 hectares partly covered with very old trees first mentioned by Pliny The Elder (23AD – 79AD). Lots of other sights to see. It is very reasonably priced and attract tourists from all over the world. The beach is famous for the fine pure quarts “sand” and the summer sea temperature is often 24ºC - 25ºC. There are many mineral spas in Golden Sands and the surrounding areas. The most curative water in Bulgaria is found here as it was thousands of years ago. The only difference is the modern amenities and spas. It was one of the first balneology (study of baths and bathing) centres of the world.

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