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The town of Pomorie (population: 15,000) is situated on a narrow and rocky peninsula, bordered by the sea on one side and by the Pomorie lake - on the other. It is situated some 18km north of connecting Bourgas and roughly the same distance south of connecting Nessebar.

Places of Interest: Besides its lovely beaches, the town appeals to tourists with its mud-cure sanatorium built about 2km away from the town on the banks of the Pomorie lake. The curative features of the lakes mud were discovered already in the 3-4th century BC, though the first mud-cure establishment was built here in 1902. The mud eases bone and muscular disorders, radiculitis, rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, discal hernia, etc. As regards historical monuments, two old churches - the Transfiguration Church (dating back to the 18-19th century) and the Assumption Church (19th century) - are well preserved. The Transfiguration Church has a valuable wood-carved iconostasis. Moreover, a stone bas-relief of St. Georgi is preserved in the St. Georgi the Victorious Monastery of Pomorie, located in the very centre of the town and build in the 17th century.
Outside the town, a domed tomb-mausoleum (3rd-4th century) built to host the corpse of a high-ranking Thracian, can be found in the area of Kouhata Mogila near the Europa Camping. It is interesting for its construction, as it consists of a tunnel leading to round camera. The tomb is open to visitors. The village of Sarafovo is 6km south of Pomorie. The village is situated on the coast and offers pleasant beaches as well. The natural reserve of the Atanassovo lake is located to the south of Sarafovo in a large lagoon. Once the lake was nestling place for hundreds of birds, though the construction of the Bourgas Airport on one side and the development of the city of connecting Bourgas on the other have gradually reduced this role of its.

Accommodation: The majority of tourists use private lodgings. Among the towns hotels, the popular ones are the Anhialo Hotel, Pomorie Hotel and Byala Kushta Hotel. The Europa camping site offers accommodation in bungalows, while the Aheloy camping site, located 8 km north of the town, may be preferred by campers with tents and caravans.

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