Boa Vista (Rabil Airport) (BVC)

Boavista is an island of sand dunes, long white beaches, and clear sea. Originally named Sao Cristovao. Boa Vista caught on after sailors cried from the crows nest of sailing barques “Boa Vista” meaning Beautiful View. Settled in 1620, by Captain Rodrigo Afonso who obtained a permit for farming cattle and goats, it also developed potteries and weaving.

Boa Vista is a desert island with 35 miles of sandy beaches and an interior of dunes. Its volcanic origins are apparent at Rabil and Fundo das Figueiras and can be recognised from the Pico d'Estancia, although only 390m high.

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Airport information

  • Address:Boa Vista (Rabil Airport) (BVC)Boa VistaBarlavento IslandsCape Verde
  • Currency: EUR

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