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Sal is Portuguese for salt and Sal was once famous for its salt pans. It still has a great salt lake at Pedra de Lume, where you can float high as in the Dead Sea. But its attraction today is that it has at Espargos the main airport in the Cape Verdes. It was first built by Benito Mussolini, and now puts the Cape Verdes within six hours flight time of the British Isles. It has a small port at Palmeira.

The island of Sal, in view of its close proximity to the African continent, has a climate very similar to other zones with the same latitude. It is a very arid island, and although volcanic in origin, constant erosion throughout its history has made it almost flat.

Without a doubt, the most picturesque place on the island is PEDRA DO LUME, the name given to a crater of the now extinct volcano. Entry to the crater was made possible by means of a artificial tunnel built in 1804. The crater is at sea-level, and even though the sea is 1 km away the water manages to filter in. The salt pits of Santa Maria, although not in use anymore, are well worth a visit and lie about 1 km from the town. VILA DE ESPARGOS, which got its name from the vegetation growing there, is also interesting to visit