Terra Boa

Terra Boa (Portuguese meaning the good land, also in the Capeverdean Crioulo) is a remote village in the north central part of the island of Sal. The area overlooks Ponta Norte, the islandΆs northernmost point, and features a lighthouse. The village is about 4 km north of Espargos and has a road linking to the island capital as well as remote roads to the north of the island including Monte Grande and the western and eastern parts of the island.
Terra Boa is famous for having its agriculture in its large scale and the others mentioned above, are very dry, mainly because they have no mountains to induce rainfall. The northern portions of the area are desert and vegetation are rare and are mainly composes of bush. It features fruit and vegetable crops as well as cattle farms. The rest of the Terra Boa covers the northern portion of the island. The mountain lies to the northwest, Monte Grande to the northeast and another in the east, the remainder of the region are flat, the Atlantic Ocean lies to the west and features an unused beach.

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