Nestled in the Caribbean Sea are the popular Cayman Islands. Good things must come in sets of three because the Cayman Islands are comprised of three very charming, yet distinct islands. On the Cayman Islands visitors will find the island holiday of their dreams, whether it is quiet and relaxed, or adventurous and active.

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three, known for its variety of beautiful beach resorts and non-stop action. The capital city of George Town hosts excellent shopping and a generous number of gourmet restaurants and lively bars. Many families and honeymooners take advantage of the plethora of accommodation that ranges from high-rise hotels with stunning swimming pools and spas, to romantic bed and breakfasts that offer more privacy. The Grand Cayman’s attractive Seven Mile Beach gives visitors a picturesque place to relax and soak up the sun. Diving and snorkelling trips are also huge draws to Grand Cayman. Stingray City is one of the most popular spots along with Rum Point and Smith’s Cove.

Little Cayman also offers spectacular diving and snorkelling destinations. The most famous is the renowned Bloody Bay Wall off the coast, teeming with underwater wildlife. The Little Cayman is the most tranquil of the three islands and is well known for its eco-friendly attitude. Beyond diving and snorkelling, visitors can enjoy kayaking, cycling and hiking in the pristine National Trust Booby Pond Nature Reserve. The reserve gets its name from the 20,000 red-footed boobie birds it protects. There are a few upscale resorts and hotels that tend to be all-inclusive, as well as several chic but unpretentious family-run inns.

Cayman Brac is where visitors can really get a taste of the slow pace of island living. The island is home to friendly locals known fondly as “Brackers,” who are always eager to strike up a conversation. Cayman Brac is most well known for the jutting limestone bluff, or “brac” that runs through the centre of the island. It results in a sheer cliff face at the eastern end; it is this unusual feature that attracts many rock-climbing enthusiasts. Another big draw is the deep-sea fishing for marlin, tuna and barracuda off of the island’s coasts.

No matter what type of holiday you are looking for, the lovely Cayman Islands are sure to delight and surprise you. After landing at Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman, you will be glad you pre-booked your Grand Cayman airport transfer with hoppa. You will have the satisfaction knowing that one of our friendly and reliable drivers will be waiting, with a vehicle of your choosing, to whisk you straight to your gorgeous holiday accommodation.