Perched on the top of the South American continent like a colourful bird of paradise is Colombia, a resplendent holiday destination for adventurous travellers. It’s true that Colombia is a country that has been featured more in breaking news than the travel guides, but security is no longer a major concern in Colombia. Tourism to this stirring and sultry country is on the rise and thank goodness for that. Colombia offers guests an inclusive feel for the rest of the continent, from the Andes to the colonial cities, the serene beaches to the endless tropics of the Amazon jungle.

Fly into El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá and the natural and cultural riches of Colombia will captivate you.

Pay a visit to the impressive Gold Museum and Botero Museum and check out the Plaza de Bolívar to absorb the rich history and stirring culture of the capital city. You could spend days strolling through the historic district of La Candelaria in Bogotá, renowned for its colonial charm, restaurants, bars and shopping. Not far from the city are the iconic peaks of Mount Monserrate where you can hike, picnic and enjoy a cup of scrumptious coffee from the heart of Colombia’s “Coffee Triangle” region.

Arrive via Raphael Núñez International Airport and you are in the heart of the Colombian Caribbean coast. This region is home to the dreamy walled city of Cartagena, one of the old capitals of the Spanish Empire. Because of the city’s significant historical importance and architectural antiquity, it was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984.  The city’s vibrant atmosphere is charged with sensational aromas and photo-worthy streets scenes that will sweep you off your feet.  If you can drag yourself from the romance of Cartagena then you will enjoy the other awesome destinations in the area. Barranquilla is the busy port city that throws one of the grandest Carnival festivals each year. The Tayrona National Park is incredibly popular for beach and outdoor lovers because of its heavenly beaches and rainforest eco-system. Off the coast are several stunning islands such as San Andreas and Providencia Island’s Crab Cay, that have a lot to offer visitors in the way of snorkelling, parasailing, wind surfing and even horseback riding.

Other Colombian destinations you won’t want to miss are: Medellin, where you can enjoy interesting museums, gorgeous botanical gardens and the throbbing reggaeton and salsa dance clubs; the underground Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira; the Valle de Cocora, a backpackers eco-haven; and the Pierda del Penol in Guatape, the extraordinary monolithic rock where visitors can wind their way up to the top for astonishing panoramic views.

Beyond the culture, rich bio-diversity and historical landmarks, Colombia’s real treasure is its people who work hard to keep their country prosperous and inviting to visitors. A holiday in Colombia will prove to be an exceptional experience, whether you are travelling with the whole family or a partner. Start your holiday off right from the moment you land with a pre-booked Colombian airport transfer from hoppa. When you are choosing your Colombia airport transfers for pick-up and drop-off, we understand what features are important to you. hoppa offers comfort, security and reliability all for great value.