Orašac is a village in southern Croatia, northwest of Dubrovnik, between Trsteno and Zaton. It is located in the Dubrovačko Primorje.

This village was founded around AD 1040. In the centre of the town the houses are built close to each other, which was once the means of protection from the Neretva pirates.

There are many old churches (such as the St Nicholas church build in 1250) and chapels, including the Arapovo castle, where the chief magistrate of Florence, the gonfalonier Piero Soderini, is believed to have stayed when he left Florence in 1512.

Six villages are scattered in the surrounding area. The main road in Orašac leads inland, to villages like Gromača, Ljubač and others located in the hills. Gromača is known for its cave and traditional ecological tourism.

Ljubač is located in a valley between three hills, which form an astonishing natural amphitheatre. In these villages there are farmers who produce homemade goat cheese, wine, etc. The roads of these villages lead for 25 km through the inland until you end up all the way in Slano.

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