Vrsar ,visitors are enchanted by the beauty of this old fishing settlement which evolved into a well-known tourist center, with its naturally sheltered harbor and small tree-filled islands dotting its coast. It developed at the outlet to the Lim Gulf, terraced along the hillsides overlooking the sea, dominated by the ruins of Kašela, a one-time residence of the Poreč bishops.

Ruins of summer residences and mosaics have been preserved from the Roman coastal town of Ursari, while town gates and other cultural and historical monuments remain preserved from the thirteenth century. A modern tourist complex has developed on the old town core, built into the pine covered hillsides which offer a gorgeous view on the archipelago of 18 treefilled islands of untouched natural beauty. Shady coves and well laid out beaches are waiting for those who love the sun and sea, with or without beathing suits. A sports airport is located in the vicinity where parachuting competitions are held and panoramic flights can be organized. Hunting lovers have at their disposal hunting grounds abounding with pheasant and partridge.

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