Playa Larga

Playa Larga can be found in the famous Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs), at the Zapata Peninsula, 32km from the National Highway. This bay became famous after on April 1961, an army of Cuban exiles invaded the island in order to overthrow Fidel CastroΆΆs newly established revolutionary government. A visitor may take sea baths at Playa Larga, a beach of excellent sand and warm waters located at the bayΆΆs end, as well as enjoy nature at Montemar Great Natural Park.
The International Birdwatching Center operates in Playa Larga as a starting point for different sites of day or nighttime birdwatching in the heart of Montemar woods.
21km southwest of Playa Larga lies Laguna de las Salinas, now included in the Wildlife Refuge. This is a place where, from November to April, a visitor can see many species of migratory waterfowl.
A more accessible site is the Cueva de los Peces, a flooded tectonic fault about 70m deep on the island side of the road, almost exactly midway between Playa Larga and Playa Girón. These half-rounded lagoons, called cenotes have arisen from the partial caving-in of caveΆΆs roofs.
About 200m west along the beach from Villa Playa Larga is the International Octopus Club Diving Center, offering full scuba facilities. In these turquoise-blue waters dwell a wide variety of fish, sea fans and huge colonies of crabs, lobsters and barracudas.
Like at Playa Girón, wall-diving can be practised here. Underwater areas are immensely attractive because of the steepness of the ocean wall, which is extremely close to the shore and covered by astonishing coral beds, including black ones, as well as sea fans and sponges. ItΆΆs also possible to go deep into the underwater caves belonging to the speleological lake system of Montemar, which reach in some points depths of 70m. Blind fish can also be seen in these caves.

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