Varadero is on the Hicacos peninsula between the Straights of Florida and the Bay of Cardenas on the Cuban island. The peninsula is 20 km long and is the northern most point of Cuba. At its widest the peninsula is 1.2 km wide. The channel “Kawama” separates the peninsula from the mainland. On the tip of the peninsula is a carefully kept nature reserve that houses 31 species birds and 24 species reptiles. It also houses the cave of Ambroso, a 250 m cave, a lake and the first salt works established on the island. Varadero has exceptionally good conditions for deep sea fishing, scuba diving, yachting and other water sport activities.

Explore the string of easily accessible cays, or the escarpments and the caves. DonΆt miss the Zapata peninsula and the San Miguel de los Banos Spa. VaraderoΆs main attraction has always been the very popular and enjoyable beach in one of the largest resorts of the Caribbean. Enjoy the only full golfcoarse in Cuba.

Due to accidents hiring of scooters and the use of three-wheel Coco taxis are not recommended. Be careful with your wallet, purse, ladies handbags, travel bags and anything that can be grabbed. Keep a copy of your passport in a save place. Do take insect repellent with as dengue fever is always a health threat. Food can be bland and you can take your all-spice, tobasco, etc with. offers Varadero Taxi Transfers.


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