The Azia Resort is situated a few kilometres from Paphos centre and is privileged to share close proximity to the finest locations and treasures of the island. One of the few resorts or Cyprus hotels with a west-facing outlook, the Azia hotel provides guests with a sublime view of blazing indescribable sunsets.

The symbol of the hotel is the Asphodel, the immortal flower in the ancient Greek mythology. According to the ancient greeks, it stands for the ultimate happiness of the soul and was the first sight a soul longed to see at the gates of paradise. Asphodel still grows in abundance wild on the island.

For those interested in something more fast-paced and active there are all types of sports availablesuch as snorkelling, hiking and even skiing in the. The evenings can be spent enjoying the cosmopolitan cafes, bars and clubs found throughout all the major cities.

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