The second biggest city in Cyprus, Limassol is a refreshing blend of preserved history and modern cosmopolitan reinvention. The archaeological sites and museums celebrate the past, while the recently redeveloped promenade and marina fully embrace the future. All of it somehow mixes together perfectly, and shows how proud the people that live there are of their area. Which, of course, they have every reason to be – Limassol is an amazing place that you won’t want to leave.

After making the journey to the city via one of hoppa’s Limassol transfers, you’ll be torn on whether to soak in the culture or simply soak in the sun. Whilst there are plenty of places to visit such as the medieval castles, Roman ruins and grand churches, Limassol is also in a prime location for sun worshippers and swimmers. The pristine beaches and warm waters are impossible to resist, and are lined with sleek and stylish waterside bars. The rest of the city is brimming with life and things to see and do. Bustling shopping areas, outdoor contemporary art, beautiful and expansive public gardens… There are just too many to list.

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