Olomouc is a city in Moravia, in the east of the Czech Republic. The city is located on the Morava river and is the ecclesiastical metropolis of Moravia.

The charming and beautiful city of Olomouc lies beside the Morava River in central Moravia. With around 100,000 inhabitants, it's the fifth largest city in the Czech Republic and certainly one of the most beautiful. The centre is the largest historic preservation zone outside Prague, and its cobblestoned streets are lined with majestic cathedrals and grand palaces.

In 2000, the Holy Trinity Column, which was erected in the early 18th century, was added as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Olomouc has always been a centre for education and culture and the rich schedule of festivals means that you stand a good chance of one being in progress, no matter what time of year your visit occurs. The festival calendar includes the largest beer festival in the country, the International Organ Music festival (Sep. - Oct.), and the ten-day city festival in late June.

Despite its fascinating history and great beauty, you won't find the crowds of tourists that are so common in more famous destinations. It's a real living, breathing Czech city, with 1000 years of history and the vibrant, youthful energy of a university town.

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