If you’re planning on visiting New Zealand, but you’re not sure what trips to plan, we may be able to help! If you have the time, we recommend visiting both islands.

North Island

In the North Island, you’ll find Auckland and Wellington. The North is known to be more ‘city-like’ and if you want to visit Auckland and experience a city on your holiday, we recommend visiting the North Island. Of course, New Zealand is very scenic no matter which island you visit. In the North, we have highlighted some of the most popular trips we feel are 100% worth doing.

Waitomo Caves

Waitomo is a village located in the North and known for the glow-worm caves. There’s plenty of things to do here including taking a boat into the caves to see the glowworms and you can also explore two other caves by foot. If you’re looking for more adventurous activities you can try black water rafting. More information can be found here

Hobbiton Day

For all you Lord of the Rings fans, the North Island is where you will find Hobbiton, or at least the filming location used for the movie series. You can visit the sets and enjoy different tours, such as an evening banquet, private tours for your party or an overnight stay at the accommodation on site.

Hot Water Beach

Located on Mercury Bay, Hot Water Beach is famous for its hot water - at low tide, you can visit and sit in the hot water as it bubbles through the sand. Most people dig themselves a hole in the sand and enjoy a little hot pool of water. The beach has restaurants and cafes nearby so is perfect for all ages.

South Island

In the South Island, you’ll find Queenstown and Christchurch. The South Island is known for being more scenic than the North and it is truly beautiful. Queenstown is a must; it’s a quiet town surrounded by a lake and mountains, there’s plenty of accommodation, shops and restaurants and most importantly, activities. For all you adrenaline junkies, Queenstown is perfect for you! Below we’ve listed some of the top activities to do in Queenstown.

AJ Hackett Bungee

AJ Hackett is a very popular company for bungee jumping. AJ Hackett himself is a New Zealand bungee jumper who started the company years ago, and since then it’s spread all over the world. Not far from Queenstown is an AJ Hackett centre, where you can bungee or try the Nevis Swing. There are two bungee options, the first is 43m and it’s where bungee jumping all started! Or if you’re very brave there’s a new 134m bungee!


You can skydive all over New Zealand and there are plenty of places to do it in the South Island. If you’re feeling brave, then we recommend doing a tandem skydive, it will be one of the best things you do. Being able to freefall and view New Zealand from above will be something you'll never forget.

Nevis Swing

Nevis Swing is located in the same place as the AJ Hackett bungee jump. This 300m swing is world famous; you can go alone or with someone and either sitting upright or if you’re a daredevil, you can go upside down. You drop down and swing between the mountains. AJ Hackett also offer other swings, bungees and zip lines all over New Zealand. More information here

If you don’t fancy jumping out of a plane or throwing yourself off a platform then there’s still plenty of things for you to enjoy.

Cage Dive with Great White Sharks

If you’re planning on seeing some animals whilst away we recommend travelling down to Bluff and cage diving with great white sharks. Shark Experience is a great company to book with, the trip consists of you taking a boat out to sea, not too far from the shore; all equipment is provided, plus lunch and snacks. If you haven’t dived before or used diving equipment, there is someone to train you so you can use a regulator. Once out at sea, you enter the cage which is bolted to the side of the boat. Five at a time you will go down and spend time in the water. There are a lot of great white sharks in the area so the chances of seeing sharks are very high - the company hasn’t had one day in the 2017/2018 season where they haven’t had shark spottings. If you want to get your heart racing, this is the activity for you.

Whale Watching

Lastly, you could travel to Kaikoura, where you’ll find the perfect spot for whale watching and swimming with dolphins. The location is known for having sperm whales all year round, however, depending on the season, you can find also find orcas, humpback whales and blue whales. There are also pods of dolphins found here and you can go on trips which allow you to snorkel with them freely. There are both boat trips and flights over the sea to watch whales and dolphins.

Let us know which of these high-adrenaline activities you'd like to try in the comments below! 

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