Known as one of the most legendary party capitals in the world, Ibiza remains a popular destination. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this green list destination is only suitable for young party-goers. We hope this post will make any travel enthusiast want to book their next trip to this beautiful Spanish Island.

Dalt Vila

Considered Ibiza Island’s highest point, this Vila was declared a world heritage site in 1999, preserving the history and architecture which dates as far back as the 16th century. The Vila was said to be built by Charles V in order to protect the island from invaders and marauding pirates. There are 6 bastions, each themed and worth a visit, if not for the view alone - from each vantage point you can look over the port, the city, the sea, and Ibiza’s mountains. Soak in the history of the island so old that even the Roman empire has left some influence behind.

Ibiza Cathedral

Although the cathedral has gone through many transformations, the original structure dates from 1235. It was promised that once conquest of the island had been declared, a place of worship would be the first structure. Not to honour the promise half-heartedly, the cathedral sported 5 chapels, each dedicated to their own saint; the structure was then added to over time with the last addition dating back to the 15th century.

Cala Comte

This beach is popularly rated as the best beach on the island. Boasting a lagoon and a wide expanse of white beach, this popular spot also sports many bars with a view of the rocky landscape and the ocean. It should come as no surprise that Cala Comte is where many a beach party takes place in summer, with the bars being a popular sundowner spot.

Water Sports And Family Fun

The list of possible water sports is almost endless, your choices range from renting a yacht to jet-skiing, parasailing, water-skiing, surfing, and even taking your water sport below the waves to try your hand at scuba diving. If water sport isn’t quite to your fancy, why not enjoy some of Ibiza’s world class spas with spectacular views, there may be no better way to indulge in some sumptuous self-care. If you are travelling as a family and would like to add more adventure than water sports and fun on the beach, why not try the many family friendly activities. Enjoy a view of the island while horseback riding, or perhaps something a little more exciting like go-karting. If you would like to spend a more relaxed day as a family, why not take a trip to the Aquarium Cap Banc. The one of a kind aquarium is actually inside a sea cave, making it an entirely one of a kind unique attraction.

Cuisine and Drinks

As one of the party capitals of the world, it should come as no surprise that the food and beverage experience in Ibiza is a must for any traveller to experience. Sobrasada is a pork sausage that, while very popular all over Spain, actually originated in Ibiza. Also on the menu in many popular restaurants is fish stew, made from the finest fresh ingredients found on the island. That is, of course, just the local cuisine - the island offers many well-loved international seafood dishes. We also recommend finding a spot at one of the many beach front bars and ordering the bartender’s speciality to enjoy while soaking up a breath-taking sunset.


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