After months of lockdowns worldwide, Europe is finally starting to open up to travel. If you’ve been itching to go exploring again, as we have, this is excellent news! But is it possible to travel safely? What precautions are being taken to ensure you’ll be safe?

We believe that safe travel is possible, and we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to put your mind at ease.

Choose safe airport transfers

Airport transfers are an essential part of any holiday abroad, and this form of travel is the closest to our heart here at hoppa. So we have liaised with suppliers to ensure that you’ll be getting safe airport transfers when you book with us.

All hoppa suppliers are reviewing their local health and safety guidelines to put in place any COVID-19 measures that will ensure the safety of all those travelling. Our suppliers have assured us that they will be aiming to follow any recommendations made by their local government or relevant authority.

Where relevant, suppliers are aiming to ensure:

  • Hand sanitisers in vehicles for customers.
  • Drivers wearing facemasks.
  • Drivers wearing gloves.
  • Vehicles cleaned regularly after use.

Safety measures for airports and airlines

Airlines are also taking stricter measures to ensure traveller safety. Symptomatic passengers, crew members, and staff are being discouraged from arriving at airports to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Physical distancing between individuals is being promoted, along with an increased emphasis on hygiene measures for staff, passengers, and facilities. It is recommended that passengers and crew wear face masks and adhere to hand hygiene protocols by washing their hands with soap and water or making use of available hand sanitisers.

Safely sleeping over

Hotels, resorts, and other forms of accommodation are promoting similar safety measures, emphasising hygiene and cleanliness. Travellers can expect to see digitised check-ins, increased social distancing, and reduced occupancy at hotels and resorts. Guests and staff may be required to wear masks, and hand sanitiser will be readily available.

Further steps travellers can take

To ensure your own safety while travelling, continue to follow the general advice provided by the World Health Organisation as well as the specific protocols for the country that you are visiting. Avoid contact with sick people, don’t touch your face with unwashed hands, clean your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitiser, and monitor your own health both during and after your travels.

Even if the airline or country regulations don’t stipulate that masks should be worn, you may nonetheless choose to wear one. However, do not neglect any other precautionary procedures on account of the mask.


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