Here at hoppa, we are always striving to make it easier, faster and more convenient for our customers to take their holiday dreams from fantasy to reality. So to help you find the holiday destination of your dreams, we've introduced a brand new feature on our website. The feature is called "Where's Hot" and includes an interactive world map where you can find hot destinations all year round. So if you're looking for a warm winter escape in December, you simply click on the month and you'll find a great guide to the best places to go for some winter sun. Our interactive guide doesn't end there though! In addition to highlighting popular hot destinations around the world, we also recommend unique and 'off the radar' destinations that are perfect for travellers looking for some variety. Through our extensive research we have uncovered the both the best and worst places to visit according to their weather and climate. For example, in the graphic below, you'll notice St. Lucia is first on our list for places to avoid in December. Although St. Lucia, a tropical island in the Caribbean, enjoys hot to mild weather throughout the year, during December the island experiences extremely heavy rainfall. So it's not a place we would recommend if you're looking to enjoy some sunshine in December! screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-10-52-50-am

How to Use "What's Hot"

  1. Select the month when you want to travel.
  2. Click on the country and you'll see a close up version of the country's outline where you can hover over its major cities or towns to check out the average temperature for the month.


So if you're looking for some travel inspiration or where to escape the cold winter months, check out our latest edition to the hoppa website by clicking here!

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