The hills of Maimon is a perfect location with a private paved road, only 15 minutes away from Puerto Plata.

Enjoy the tropical breezes as well as the view from this exquisite piece of land. It has its own ravine and spring, from were the water is pumped to fill the huge water tank, several cultivations, fruits trees, wild nature and more.

This property offers a view of the ocean at Maimon bay and the green, rocky hills all around.It is perfect for touristic development, for retired people that want to live in contact with nature and like quiet and peace. The property has fruits trees such as citrus, avocados, mangos, guanabanas, bananas, papayas and mamones. Several medicinal plants such as Lantana camara (Gobernadora), cactaceaes, palms and a lot of varieties of wild beautiful trees and plants are aalso grown.

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