Playa Grande (Dominican Republic)

Incorporated into the national park in 1990, Playa Grande is open to the general public only during the day during the ΅ΆarribadasΆΆ or turtle nesting season. At night the parkΆΆs police are on patrol to ensure that the turtles and their eggs are protected, especially from poachers and overzealous tourists who pose a considerable threat to these gentle giants as their eggs are considered to be aphrodisiacs and an eastern delicacy. The turtle hatching season here is from October to May and it is indeed a sight to see.
Another popular reason for visiting Playa Grande is for the excellent surfing found here on the main beach.

Playa Grande is a popular destination because there are a huge variety of activities but it is relatively quiet at night. There is never any traffic to speak of and the atmosphere is a little more laid back than in other areas.

On the southern end of Playa Grande, Palm Beach Estates is a gated community with its own amenities. Palm Beach has a small supermarket, restaurants and a couple hotels. It also has a panga dock that allows quick boat rides up and down the estuary so that one can reach Tamarindo in five minutes for shopping or other necessities. The Great WaltiniΆs at Hotel Bula Bula is a nice restaurant for dinner with a boat taxi service to Tamarindo.

Playa Grande Costa Rica boasts a sandy bottom and waves big enough to surf, but not big enough to prevent a comfortable swim. There are multiple surf breaks starting at the river mouth and running towards Hotel Las Tortugas. The beach is also long enough that you never feel claustrophobic. Multiple beach accesses slice through the foliage, but they can be a little bit difficult to spot from the beach due to the lack of visible buildings in the area. Playa Grande is considered to have some of the most consistent surf in Northern Costa Rica.

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